29 Goals for My 29th Year

29 Goals for My 29th Year

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It’s amazing how your location can change your goals. So many of my goals while living in New York were super career oriented. And yes, while my career path is still very important to me, being back in Montana has changed me. I’m a much more relaxed person here, I’m not always searching for my next big project, or a way to make a name for myself. And along with those changes, my goals have changed.

I’ve always been a goal setter. It just is who I am. I like to have a checklist and get enormous satisfaction when checking things off. (Hello, Type A Personality).

And while some of my goals in the past have been a bit more abstract, I’ve been really putting my all into making some concrete goals. Ones that can be easily checked off and followed up on.

Here are 29 things I’m going to get done in the next year:

  1. Read 29 Books.
  2. Visit Oregon.
  3. Run a 1/2 Marathon.
  4. Book an International Trip for my 30th Birthday (I’m desperate to go shark cage diving in South Africa.)
  5. Do a Hike Over the Continental Divide.
  6. Catch a Fish.
  7. Buy a GoPro and Foray Into Vlogging.
  8. Attend a Yoga Retreat.
  9. Start Trail Running.
  10. Take a Self-Defense Course (Krav Maga anyone?)
  11. Find a Local Group and Regularly Volunteer.
  12. Experiment with Learning to Cook Ethnic Foods.
  13. Bike from Avalanche Lake to Logan Pass.
  14. Buy a Stand Up Paddleboard.
  15. Finish Decorating my Apartment.
  16. Starting Painting/Crafting.
  17. Take a Wilderness First Aid Course.
  18. Learn How to Fly Fish.
  19. Snowboard/Cross Country Ski at Least 10 Times.
  20. Pay Off One of my Credit Cards.
  21. Finish a Script.
  22. Have a Stable 9-5 Style Job.
  23. Fit Back Into my Vintage Dresses.
  24. Build a Blog Brand on this Blog.
  25. Learn Adobe Illustrator.
  26. Learn Calligraphy.
  27. Buy Myself a Really Nice Piece of Clothing. #treatyoself
  28. Buy a Piece of Original Artwork.
  29. Start Roller Derby.


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