31 Goals to Accomplish at Age 31

Every year I create a series of goals for myself. Some are academic, some are personal, some fitness related. Some I accomplish in no time at all, some never quite get finished. So naturally, this year I’ll be creating 31 goals to accomplish after I turn 31.

I absolutely love goal setting. I have since I was young. I love the idea of checking things off of a list and feeling an actual sense of accomplishment. I love to revisit my goals time and again, so whenever I’m feeling like I’m in a particular rut, I can remember that I have things to focus on. I have a direction I need to go. After flailing in the goal oriented part of my life for the past couple years (more on that here), I’ve decided to bring back the goals. I turn 31 in a couple weeks, so I thought this was the perfect time to set some intentions.

  1. Read 31 books. (7/31)
  2. Hike 100 miles. (17.1/100)
  3. Run another half marathon.
  4. Pay off all my debt.
  5. Accomplish my 2017 emergency fund goal.
  6. Get out of Montana (I do not mean this in a bad way, I would just love to visit a new place outside of the state).
  7. Get back to regular blogging.
  8. Hike to another lookout (this was my first one).
  9. Try stand up paddleboard yoga.
  10. Finish one writing project.
  11. Eat vegan for one month.
  12. Keep a journal where I’m writing at least three days a week.
  13. Begin a regular meditation practice.
  14. Get new headshots taken.
  15. Finish my chiropractic regimen.
  16. Learn an outdoor skill I haven’t learned.
  17. Purge my closet, house, etc. Simplify.
  18. Yoga teacher training (this one is sort of scary for me to admit wanting to do, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while).
  19. Learn a new piece of software/technology. I’m aiming for Autocad.
  20. Fit into my “in shape” dress again.
  21. Volunteer 20 hours.
  22. Accomplish my 1 year retirement account goal. (August 2018)
  23. Open a new account with money going directly towards travel.
  24. Have a successful garden – veggies and herbs.
  25. Start working on French again, le sigh.
  26. Take a self defense course.
  27. Get back into using my GoPro and editing video.
  28. The same goes with photography. Why do I have a nice camera I never use?
  29. Learn to fly fish.
  30. Find a tennis partner and start playing again!
  31. Be happy (okay, I know this one is vague, but it’s the most important one of all).

Are you a goal setter? I’d love to know what some of your goals are!

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