Alexandra Steinmetz has been blogging under several different guises for the past 11 years. Prior to relocating in Montana in 2014, Alex spent several years in New York City working in film and television production, as well as in the production side of graphic design and animation where she worked on projects for clients such as Visa, Verizon, and TJMaxx. Her live production work includes Behind the Heckle and Jokes Through the Ages for Official Comedy, as well as Deadly Devotion for Discovery ID.

After six years of living the fast paced hustle and bustle life in New York City, Alexandra retreated back west to her hometown to help her father open his office for Lyndon Steinmetz Design Co., LLC., where she works as his Business Manager. When she’s not in the office, she’s always chasing down an independent film job where she can find it, or working with collaborators on personal projects.

Alexandra’s inspiration and hope for The Native Transplant is to explore a bit more of Montana in a way she hasn’t experienced it. Having grown up here, Alexandra spent most of her time working on art and playing in her backyard, but hasn’t fully grasped all the opportunity Montana has to offer. The Native Transplant will be a chronicle of those adventures, as well as a story on a native Montanan becoming a bit more Montanan.

Alexandra currently resides in the beautiful Flathead Valley in Northwest Montana, with her Staten Island rescue dog, Caboose. She loves to spend her weekends exploring the outdoors, experimenting in the kitchen, or curled up with a good book.

For more information or to work with Alexandra, please contact her at: thenativetransplant@gmail.com

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