Blogger in Transition

Blogger in Transition


So there are a lot of big changes happening in my blog and in my life. This is such a good thing.

I am, like a work in progress, in a huge transition stage. And truthfully, I want this blog to reflect that. I knew when I initially started the evolution of my blog, that a lot of things were going to be changing. For years, I was chomping at the bit to be one of those bloggers. When it became abundantly clear that I wasn’t going to be that person, I felt a big sense of discouragement.

But then I realized that that wasn’t who I even wanted to be. I’ve always loved fashion, but knew that the environmental impact was tragic. I love beauty and makeup, but have realized I don’t want a ton of chemicals on my skin all the time. I love food, but realize that sugar and sweets weren’t my thing anymore.

So I suppose I’m a blogger in transition. I want to write about health, wellness, the environment. I want to focus on building a wardrobe from environmentally and socially responsible brands. But I’m not there yet. I’m not all the way vegan, or all the way green, I don’t know a ton about it, so it’s hard for me to consider myself a wealth of knowledge and resource.

But I WANT to be at some point. So right now, things might be a little bit….unusual around here. I’m learning, I’m a work in progress, and while I’m not there yet, I hope you’ll be interested in learning along with me. Topics may vary, it may not be what you signed up for, and that’s ok.


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