Documentary to Watch : The True Cost


Anyone who knows me, knows that I love clothes. I collect vintage dresses, love nothing more than a fun pair of shoes, and lately I’ve been shopping for new, low-cost, corporate work clothes.

And I’ve also been pretty vocal about my thoughts on being more green when it comes to fashion as well.

Well, lately, with my career change coming with an unexpected pay cut, I’ve been buying up cheap, poorly made pieces, as a way to build a more office friendly wardrobe.

But as part of my new “watch one documentary a week” goal, this week I picked The True Cost, and guys, I think I messed up somewhere along the way. I used to be an incredibly eco-conscious person, and while I still take several measures to keep a low carbon footprint, I have to admit, sometimes fashion is a last resort.

The True Cost talks about the fashion industry’s impact on the world around us. It discusses everything from advertising used as propaganda, to the effects of cotton chemicals in our environment, to the working conditions of workers in both fair-trade and sweatshop style production. The True Cost aims to help open your eyes to the industry that ranks second in pollution, and one of the top in revenue in the world. 

A blog that discusses a love of fashion might be a weird place to discuss a movie that vehemently opposes the ideals of mass consumption, but I think that one of the messages you can take away from this movie, is that consumption is going to happen regardless. Let’s be real, there will be times when I buy new clothes, and there will be times when I buy cheap, sweatshop labor clothing, but my consumption is going to go from conspicuous to conscious consumption.

I’ll try to choose clothes that are either used (so as not adding to supply and demand), American Made (which will be secondhand most likely), and I won’t shop just for the sake of shopping. 

The True Cost is currently streaming on Netflix. 

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