Iceberg Lake

Iceberg Lake


Can I just take a second and reiterate how happy I am to be back in Montana? Because, the more I get outside and enjoy my time, the happier I am here. And this past weekend, I got to check a bucket list hike off my list.

I’ve been wanting to do Iceberg Lake since I was a kid. I had seen pictures of the floating pieces of ice and it became a must-do. Unfortunately, there are a ton of factors that make this hike a difficult one to do.

First off, I feel like the trail closes every year due to grizzly sightings, and in addition to that, if you go too late in the season, you risk there not being any ice left. So it becomes a bit of a time sensitive issue.

So we decided to get it done nice and early this year. We headed over to Many Glacier nice and early Saturday morning, and took the Going to the Sun Highway over (word of advice: they’re doing some construction in St. Mary’s so make sure you add 20-30 minutes to your travel time).

We ended up not getting on the trail until close to 11. The hike is short, 4.9 miles, and the elevation gain isn’t too bad. We arrived at the lake just before 1 PM, where we enjoyed our lunch and spent some time relaxing next to the water and watching icebergs calve in the water.

The roundtrip was much quicker, but was super busy. Truthfully, I was kind of blown away by the lack of trail etiquette (I’ll be writing a post on this coming up), and it ended up slowing us down a bit more than it should’ve. Luckily, we had some fun and made up some time by doing some light trail running when we could!

If you make it to Glacier Park, and feel like doing a bucket list hike that’s not too strenuous, Iceberg Lake is an awesome choice!

Iceberg Lake

DISTANCE: 4.9 Miles each way
ELEVATION: 6169 Feet
DON’T FORGET: Sunscreen and lots of water!!! This hike has hardly any shade, so make sure you beat the heat!
WORDS OF ADVICE: DON’T drink the water. It may seem like awesome, refreshing spring water, but unless it’s properly disinfected, you could get sick…we actually saw tourists doing this. Happy giardia!






Here’s a fun little video of us doing our own “ice bucket challenge”!


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