A Summer-Inspired Salad to Get Me Through the Winter

Sometimes I have a tendency to go overboard when it comes to buying vegetables.  I’ll buy whatever looks delightful, and then next thing I know, it’s gone bad in my fridge.  And there is nothing I hate worse than letting food go to waste.

So to help combat the lemons, limes, and tomatoes that were about turn go mushy on me, I found a recipe for a Moroccan Bean Salad from Oxygen.  I made a few changes to help utilize what I already had in my cupboards (ex: chickpeas instead of black soybeans, added celery).

It was an insane punch to the taste buds.  And it made enough for a couple meals.  I love keeping a healthy go-to in my fridge for a couple days to snack on!

Here’s my variation of a Moroccan Bean Salad:

1 Can Chickpeas
1 Lemon, cut into pieces
1 Lime, cut into pieces
1 Stalk of celery, chopped
10 cherry tomatoes, quatared
1 Green onion, chopped on top
Red Pepper Flakes
Salt & Pepper to taste

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Being Thankful

I really try to have an attitude of gratitude, and I often find it extremely challenging.  Not because I do not have a million things to be thankful for (believe me, I know I do), but because I have faced some ridiculous challenges in the past two years and I keep waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel.

But lately, I have found that the more and more I tell myself to practice having an attitude of gratitude, the easier it becomes.  So here were a few of the things I was thankful for in November:

  • Making more connections in my field, leading to more freelance jobs.
  • Getting an opportunity to meet so many great people on set.
  • Having people that really believe in me and want me to be part of their projects.
  • Finishing fifteen pages on my screenplay, even after I thought I was stuck.
  • Having an amazing Thanksgiving feast prepared for me by dear friends from back home.
  • My wonderful boyfriend, who cooks me incredible meals.
  • The support of my amazing family.
  • Coconut macaroons, chocolate truffles, pumpkin pie.
  • Eggnog back in stores.
  • The new Harry Potter movie.
  • Books upon books upon books. 
  • Starting my workout regimen again and feeling great!

Now, let’s just hope that December picks up work wise, and then I can let go of all the big stress and focus on making sure everyone knows just how much I love and appreciate them.

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Edna St. Vincent Millay

edna st. vincent millay, edna st. vincent millay biography, edna st. vincent millay biography review, edna st. vincent millay poetryI have a really bad habit of buying used books.  My room is full of stacks of paperbacks that come from all over North America, whenever my stack gets a little bit low, you can guarantee that there are three books from abebooks.com, on their way.  While I was searching for biographies recently, I came across this biography of Edna St. Vincent Millay.

Truth be told, I had no idea who Edna St. Vincent Millay was (ugh, my education has failed me), but upon reading a quick blurb on her, I decided to give the book a try.  It was a much longer process than I am used to, but after a month, I managed to make my way through the fifty-eight year life span of this amazing poet.

I was absolutely fascinated by her life, her exploits, her relationships, and most importantly, her poetry.  She was an amazing writer who graced us with some of the most beautiful poems in literary history.  I also loved hearing about New York and the rest of the Northeast in the early 20th century.  It made me newly nostalgic for the Victorian era and the Jazz Age.

If you love biographies, this is a good, but challenging read.  And if you haven’t read any of the poetry of Edna St. Vincent Millay, check it out!

*This book took me a month to read, usually I read two a week!

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Super Saturated Lips

saturated lipsticks, mac lipsticks, mac lady danger, mac girl about town, mac morange, mac impassioned, vintage style blogger, brooklyn style bloggerI have always been an eyeshadow girl.  My makeup case looks like a MAC store; I have eyeshadows in every color imaginable, and all the liners to match.  My routine has always been creative on the eye, chapstick on the lips.

But lately, I have been so into super-saturated lip colors paired with a liquid lined eye and light make-up.  I’ve been getting back into vintage style (thank you, Mad Men), and I love that a vintage make-up look takes me half the time.  So far, I’m a MAC devotee, but am always interested in discovering new brands.  I’m addicted to MAC’s Lady Danger, but am branching out with some new colors.  I’m dying to try Lady Bug or Russian Red this winter.

saturated lipsticks, mac lipsticks, mac lady danger, mac girl about town, mac morange, mac impassioned, vintage style blogger, brooklyn style blogger
Lady Danger, Girl About Town, Impassioned, Morange

Can’t get enough lipstick? Check out this cute little blog post on lipstick for an Burlesque performers insider guide to lipstick.

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Coconut Macaroons

 I have always said that a good coconut macaroon is the best way to gain my trust or forgiveness.  There is something so wonderful about the combination of coconut, sugar, and hopefully, chocolate.  Luckily for me, my boyfriend also loves coconut as much as I do, so I knew I had a partner in crime when it comes to devouring piles after piles of these wonderful cookies.  I used the Martha Stewart recipe for them, which I highly recommend.  It was super simple, and they make a great afternoon snack with my tea!
   coconut macaroon recipes, easy coconut macaroon recipes, coconut macaroons, food blogger, food stylist, food photographer
coconut macaroon recipes, easy coconut macaroon recipes, coconut macaroons, food blogger, food stylist, food photographer

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