The Best Drunk Cell Phone Trick I’ve Ever Heard Of…

The Best Drunk Cell Phone Trick I’ve Ever Heard Of…


The other morning I woke up to a stream of text messages. And not the good kind you’d like to wake up to, a stream of angry, incoherent, text messages. Initially, I rolled my eyes, turned off my phone and decided to get another forty minutes of sleep. But after that forty minutes, when I reread the messages I was in complete, and utter shock.

What. The. Eff.

I could not believe what I was reading, but then I looked at the time stamps and they started around 2:00AM and ended at about 2:30. Suddenly, it all made sense, I had stood my ground with a friend of mine the night before and after the bar closed and he wasn’t distracted by shots, beers, and his friends, he decided to let me have it.

Needless to say, he was so embarrassed the next day that he didn’t even respond when I told him we needed to talk about this out of line behavior (go figure). And let’s be real, we have all done this. I know I’m totally guilty of it, and in my younger days, many a Saturday morning would be spent scrolling through my phone, completely embarrassed by what I had said the night before.

Luckily, I’ve gotten better at it…..sort of.

When I was discussing this with a couple girlfriends the other night, my friend Rhonda had the greatest piece of advice I had ever heard:

When she’s tipsy and wants to send a text message that might be iffy, she sends it to herself first. She then waits 20-30 minutes, rereads it, and decides whether or not it’s worth sending. 

Is this not the most brilliant idea you’ve ever heard of? The instant gratification of being able to say whatever you want to someone through text message can be soooooooo damaging. Arguments, bloodshed, wars, all over a misread text message after one too many glasses of vino (or tequila shots in my case #sorrynotsorry).

This method definitely takes a bit of patience, which I’m definitely lacking, but I would much rather wait the 20-30 minutes to send a text message than deal with the possibly negative repercussions the next day, amiright? 

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